How to Care for Heritage and City-maintained Trees?


Trees are nature’s property that makes human lives happy and healthier. Trees clean the air and provide food and oxygen to human beings. Every tree needs special care and attention. The trees we plant are always taken care of to an extent.

It is important to maintain the trees healthily. The Heritage trees and city-maintained trees are taken care of by the city officials. The residents can take some measures during emergencies. Here are some methods for healthily maintaining a tree.


Pruning or trimming is one of the best ways to care for the tree. Before pruning the tree, a complete assessment has to be taken to check the condition. Pruning is the method to remove the dead or dying trees, thinning the tree trunk, cutting down the tree length, removing the extra tree branch, shaping the tree, and so on. The pruning will be done based on the soil, tree condition, weather, and the need of the tree.

Protection from Building Works

Heritage trees hold historic importance, and the city corporation gives utmost care and importance to this type of tree. When heavy building work or machine work happens around the heritage tree, the workers have to submit the safety measure certificate to the city officials. They should give an assurance that their work wouldn’t affect the tree.

Watering and Mulching

Water and sunlight are the best sources for the growth of the tree. Yet another nutrient source that helps the tree is Mulching. Mulching serves as the fertilizer and helps in moderating the temperature of the soil. It preserves the soil’s moisture and gives vigorous growth for the roots. You can mulch the soil with wood chips, straws, and dry leaves to enhance root growth.

Heritage Trees

Plant Health Assessment

Tree service providers have the plant health assessment in their packages. The service providers will give a detailed study of the condition of the tree, which helps in assessing the growth, and also checks for any disease attacks, or ruptures in the tree. 

Pest Control and Fertilizers

Here are some pests that are considered a threat to the trees in the US – Asian Citrus Psyllid, Whiteflies, Emerald Ash Borer, Japanese Beetle, and so on. To prevent the trees from pests such as these, you can use fertilizer injections and pest controls, which are helpful to a greater extent. Tree service providers and certified arborists help in clearing out these kinds of problems.